Monday, December 1, 2008

Photo Retouching: A Retouchers Dream

While I was up at Photo Plus Expo in NYC, I took a seminar with Chris Alvanas in which he showed me one of the most useful tools.
Eyelash and Eyeshadow brushes from, they have lots of different brushes like this one if you simply search for "eyelash brushed" on the search bar.

How to download located after the break.

Click "download" from the website and it will save the file onto your desktop. You will need to unzip the file (some computers have software for this already installed, but if you don't, you can always control-click (right click) and press "uncompress" from your options.

The next step is to find where the brushed are located already on your computer. You can locate them by clicking on the mac magnifying glass and entering ".abr" into the field.
Jump down to the second or third listing, click on it, and it should show you the path on where that brush lives. Mine says "Macintosh HD > Applications > Adobe Photoshop CS4 > Presets > Brushes" Control-click (right click) and press Open Enclosing Folder which should tale you right to the folder where they reside.

Drag and drop the brush set from your desktop into that folder. Restart Photoshop and they should be in your brush palette.

If you are working on a PC you can watch this video on youtube.

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