Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Photo Retouching: Selecting Using Color Range

Using your photoshop tools to their maximum capacity is essential when asking your software to improve an image.

I was asked by Chris Crumley (a brilliant photographer out of Virginia Beach, VA) to retouch an image. I didn't really know what to do with the blank space to the left of the image and wanted the model to look "placed with thought" and look lit professionally.

To get the rest of the coral, I used the coral that was already in the image. And I selected it so intricately by using Select - Color Range. Its located in the Select menu up at the top.

After I selected the coral by using the eye dropper, I used the Select - Modify option to contract the selection to get out all the water's blue color from the selection.

I copied and pasted the selection onto a new layer and pressed "command t" to flip the layer horizontally and vertically.

Then I selected the new layer with the coral on it and pressed "command u" to change the hue and saturation of the new coral so it didn't match the color of the other coral so perfectly, to confuse people so they wouldn't think the coral is a copy.

These are the kinds of little nuances that keep people from seeing the retouching done on an image.

See the larger image here!!

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i tried that many times but some one tell me how could it be ??!! the color range doesnt work in editing like that .. oh , you can see my work here : , iam able to remove objects but using the stamp but if it can be done with color range professionally that will be so easy .