Saturday, August 21, 2010

Photo Retouching: Skin Smoothing

I went to Photo Plus last year in October and while I was there, I sat in on Katrin Eismann's retouching tutorial. I saw the technique that she learned from Chris Tarantino. It is shown in this video link below.

The technique shows you how to select just the skin and soften the shin without loosing detail.

Skin Retouching Video
***It takes a minute to load... but I promise it's worth the wait!***

One thing that I did not include in this video was using the High Pass filter to add even more detail to the skin.
The way you can do that is once you finish the video tutorial, you will hide the skin layer you just made and select the layer underneath it (your layer that is the equivalent to my "Skin Retouch" layer).
You need to duplicate that layer, then you will go to Filter > Other > High Pass.
Use a radius of about 8 or 9.
Select the High Pass layer, and then Command+U to take the saturation of that layer down to zero.
Change the blending mode to Overlay.
Move the layer with the detail to the top of the layer pallet.

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Steve said...

Really helpful video. Will have to try it out soon; I've only been using this technique for softening - . Now I have something else in my arsenal. Thanks for posting!

Niya said...

Very useful video. Thanks.

Andrew said...

Has the video been taken down or is there a problem with the link? It says that the content is unavailable.

roos kit said...

thanks lot. do u have more tip like this. its helps me a lot if u have send me link