Saturday, October 11, 2008

Photo Retouching: Pay it Forward (cont'd)

In an effort to improve my blog, I would like to start showing people not just my retouching, but how I do it. I have some questions myself on what would be the best way to show readers how I do my retouching.
As of now, I have two ideas:
Written workflow: I would take screen grabs of the image at different points of the retouching process so that you may see the steps in the process.
Screen video: I could record my movements on the screen so you could see the the steps that I do and how to do them/where to find them.
This is open for discussion. I hope people will tell me which method they would prefer to see and I will start sharing my workflows!

Please post your comments by clicking the link below. If you've got questions, please pose them in our Retouchers and Retouching Discussion Threads.


RIP said...

I applaud you. But I think if you adopt David's method of teaching/sharing by picking a topic and describing your workflow, you would draw more people. If you use videos, I fear they would just end up linked on YouTube IMHO. I don't think a cookbook method is a good approach either. It's usually good for specific audiences, but what I would love to see is the reasoning behind why you make specific decisions. Not so much theory, but your approach when you look at a photo for the first time. While I am interested in portraiture mostly, I would also love to make my action shots pop too. I have edited many, but sometimes I think I spend too much time adjusting this or that. Having your insights would be over the top, especially if you provided the photo for download and allow your readers to duplicate your finished product. Kinda like when David does his On Assignments. I'm sure you will need to start a Photo Retouching 101 to cover topics for those who are just getting their feet wet, but I can attest from all my time doing studio lighting with medium format gear, I have learned a thing or two recreating some of those same style shots using off-camera SB-800s thanks to David. And hopefully, with your help, I can take my photos to the next level. Hope that helps...


Charles Scalfani said...

I would rather see video. I've learned so much from videos whereas I won't always feel up to reading a step by step processes.

Also, there is technique that can be shown only in video.

Nice Blog BTW.